The Inter-School Reading Quiz (ISRQ) scholarship is a national literacy initiative designed and implemented by Perbi Cubs in partnership with UNESCO and supported by the Mastercard Foundation and MEST. It is a scholarship programme to boost literacy through reading among Ghana’s school children. Through this significant scholarship, we hope to build on the success of ISRQ 2024 and include even more schools from outside the Greater Accra region in ISRQ 2025. Together with our partners, we are excited to announce some amount of scholarship to some schools based on the Eligibility Criteria below.


To be Eligible, an applying school should:

  1. Be located outside the Greater Accra region.
  2. Have 50 learners aged 6–14 between Primary 5 and JHS 2, including both males and females. Schools with learners with disabilities are welcome to apply.
  3. Be willing to appoint a School Coordinator to be trained to support the programme. 
  4. Have an ICT centre on their premises or within proximity.
  5. Ensure the ICT Centre has internet connectivity.
  6. Commit to having learners read for at least 30 minutes each day.

Application Process

The application process consists of three stages:

Stage 1:

Correctly and completely fill out and submit application forms online before the deadline.

Stage 2:

Shortlisted schools will be contacted and virtually interviewed.

Stage 3:

Final selection of qualified schools, orientation and onboarding.

Application Deadline: 15th July 2024


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Perbi Cubs about?
Perbi Cubs is an ed-tech company offering fun, evidence-based and cost effective literacy programs aimed at fostering a love for reading among children all over the world.
How long does the selection process take?
The selection process typically takes a few weeks, from the submission deadline to the final selection.
Will teachers or coordinators pay for training?
No, the training for teachers or coordinators is provided free of charge.
What benefits or supports do teachers or coordinators get?
Teachers and coordinators will receive training and certificates, resources, and ongoing support to effectively engage and enhance reading among students.
Are Visually Impaired Students Allowed To Apply?
Unfortunately, we can not accommodate the visually impaired.
When is the deadline for application?
15th July 2024.


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Feel free to contact us with any questions or for further information. Join us in fostering a culture of reading and lifelong learning among Ghanaian children!

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