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We have the right resources for your child from Pre-K to JHS 2. These include Read to Me, Picture Books, Early Readers, Chapter Books, Classics, Non-Fiction Science, Non-Fiction History, Non-Fiction Biographies etc.

Exciting Reading Challenges & Activities

We know that reading can be a chore sometimes especially for children. But we also know how to make reading fun for every child to love to read. At Perbi Cubs we use creative and motivating ways to get our Cubs to read and read more! We do this for the simple reason that “success is just a book away” and once our Cubs build the habit of active reading, they will be transformed in every aspect of their lives.

Their imaginations get wild, they think “outside the box”, their eloquence and indeed their overall self confidence is boosted and they can interact impressively.

The great part is research has shown that children who read widely do much better in their school work from arithmetic, through chemistry to physics and all.

Fun Competitions & Quizzes

How do we know they are reading and learning actively? Its through the quizzes they take and pass. How do we know we’re getting results? It’s through the fun competitions that we inspire in our Cubs to want to do more and more! Very importantly, our programmes and activities are curated around the GES curriculum to ensure that the Cubs get an easy grasp of what they are must to study at school. This translates to better grades in their school works.

Videos, Webinars & More

We believe in giving our Cubs a well rounded holistic experience. We believe the right exposure will take our Cubs places. Thus at Perbi Cubs we give our Cubs an early start to meeting the right people to help broaden their viewpoint and make thinking outside the box a reality – a very critical skill needed for surviving in our fast-paced globalized world today.

We get Cubs to meet Lions (we define Lions as experts in the field, captains of industry and people who can be seen and regarded as role models).

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