This contest is sponsored by Perbi Cubs Library Services to give young people in their final year in tertiary institutions room to develop their creative writing skills. In addition to the opportunity for written expression, participants have the chance to gain placements at our company as interns. Exceptional candidates will have the opportunity for full time employment.

How to Enter 

Interested writers should submit stories on the assigned topic to (insert email address). Deadline for the submission of all tentries is Monday, 23rd May, 2022.


The contest is open to all final year students of all tertiary institutions regardless of their programme of study.

Perbi Cubs will recruit periodically from this pool of exceptional writers. Submitting an entry means you are willing to work 10hrs a week as an intern.

Proposed Topic: You are a little girl who lives in the year 2090. Tell us about the world in 2090


  • Length: 1000 to 1200 words (Title, footnotes and bibliography are not included in the final word count).
  • Hyphenated words count as one (1) word.

Judging Deadlines 

The deadline for contestants to submit their stories is Sunday, 5th June, 2022. Entries will be judged by the content team at Perbi Cubs together with external experts. The best 20 scripts will be selected and the writers of those scripts will be notified by an email from Perbi Cubs Two  (2) weeks after the deadline.

  • Second Stage of the Competition

Perbi Cubs is a company that is committed to excellence. As such, this competition is rigorous. This is to ensure that only the best and most skilled writers get the opportunity to win in the competition and eventually work with us. Hence, there will be a second stage after the written submission stage.

The top 20 contestants will be sent a link to complete an online quiz. This  will allow us to assess your English proficiency. Contestants’ scores at this stage will be added to their scores at the first stage.

After completing the online quiz, the 20 finalists will be invited to attend a zoom interview. This will allow us to get to know you better as a writer and further determine your suitability for the paid internship opportunity.

Contest Rules

Section I – General Rules

  1. Contestants must compose an original story with limited guidance from others.
  2. Entries sent after the published deadline will be rejected.
  3. Contestants must send only one (1) entry. Contestants who send more than one entry will be disqualified.
  4. The genre for this contest is creative fiction.

Section II – Qualifications for Contestants

The contest is open to final year students in all tertiary institutions irrespective of programme of study.

Section III – Contest Rules

  1. Participants must write on the official topic. Stories that are not on the official topic will be rejected.
  2. Stories must be set in modern-day Africa/Ghana and must have relatable African context and content.
  3. Stories must be written for a young audience i.e. children in primary and junior high schools.
  4. Each entry must begin with a title page containing: the title of story, number of words, writer’s name, address, phone number, and email address, name of school and level of study.
  5. All pages should have a header containing the title of the story and the number of words.
  6. Stories must be typewritten in font size 12 and double spaced.
  7. Stories must contain at least 1000 words but no more than 1,200 words. Every word of the essay will be counted. This does not include the title, bibliography or footnotes (if any). Hyphenated words count as 1 word.
  8. Each page of the essay must be numbered starting with page 1 of the essay, not the title page.
  9. Stories must be written in English.
  10. All entries must be submitted in PDF format.
  11. File must be saved as PCW_Your Name

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